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Satisfying the Unsatisfied

Artist Song
Counting Crows  Counting Blue Cars 
Elliot Smith  Needle in the Hay 
Beth Hart  Hiding Under Water 
Better Than Ezra  Desperately Wanting 
Silverchair  Ana's Song 
Smashing Pumpkins  Landslide 
Stone Sour  Bother 
Third Eye Blind  Jumper 
Tonic  If you could only see 
Verve Pipe  Freshman 
Linkin Park  My December 
Live  Dolphin's Cry 
Matthew Good Band  Apparations 
Pearl Jam  Thumbing My Way back To Heaven 
Radiohead  Karma Police 
Radiohead  Killer Cars 
Remy Zero  Life in Rain 
Ryan Adams  Goodnight Hollywood Blvd. 
The Get Up Kids  Long Goodnight 
The Vines  Homesick 
Gary Jules  Mad World 
Weezer  Say it Ain't So 
The Weakerthans  Slips and Tangles 
Ben Kweller  In other Words 
Billie Holiday   Gloomy Sunday 
Bob Dylan  Knockin on Heaven's Door 
Eric Clapton  Tears in Heaven 
Led Zepplin  Stairway to Heaven 
Ben Harper  Lonely Days 
Eagles  Desperato 


I figured I wouldnt put the same artist twice on here. But I had two Radiohead's that just had to make the list! There's a little bit of everything here as you can see, from alternative, to rock, punk, and with a depression mix, of course emo. This has been collecting for some time now.


Date: 2/28/2003
nice mix. I love the verve pipe, third eye blind, and linkin park picks; definitly some pf my favorites. and I love the Billie Holiday song!
Date: 3/2/2003
You can never have enough radiohead!! :rolleyes: I'm sooo pathetic.
Date: 3/2/2003
Hmm.. dont ask me why I cant type, but the counting crows song is Perfect Blue Buildings.. not counting blue cars.. LOL.