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Positive Flow

Side A
Artist Song
Bjork  Big time Sensuality 
Pizzicato Five  Go Go Dancer 
Da Phree Phunkateers  Say It No Longer 
Luscious Jackson  Naked Eye (John Spen 
Digable Planets  Dial 7 
Stevie Wonder  You Haven't Done Not 
Fishbone  Question of Life  
Rancid (cover of Jim  The Harder They Come 
Lemonheads  Down About It 
Neil Young  Act of Love Hepcat 
So Much for the Afte  Stars 
Side B
Cardigans  Carnival 
Bran Van 3000  Drinking in L.A.  
Rakim  Guess Who's Back  
Portishead  All Mine  
Faith No More  She Loves Me Not  
The Donnas  Checkin'it Out 
Kenickie  Punka 
Kara's Flowers  Soap Disco 
Save Ferris  Sorry my Friend 
I Can't Wait  Everclear 
Glimmer of Hope  Wilco 


In terms of inner-fell-good power, I think this is my best mix tape ever. It keeps me company during many a subway or bus ride, ensuring I am powered up for a day in school or at work, not to mention making me look goddamn silly cause I can't help but mouth all the words to these glorious songs while riding towards my destination. I never get tired of these songs, since the tape goes from dancy to funky to punky to power-rock to kitsch to killer beats to (god bless them) Faith No More to punk again to finish off on a happy, ska-ish note. Sing Sing Sing! Pray to the God of Mix!


Date: 6/29/2004
you keep switching between rightly-placed and wrongly placed columns for your artist and titles, but a good mix nonetheless :p