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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

I'm here by myself, and still I can feel you.

Artist Song
Beatles  All I've Gotta Do 
Sunny Day Real Estate  The Blanket Were The Stairs 
Eskobar with Heather Nova  Someone New 
Ani DiFranco  You Had Time 
Bob Dylan  I Want You 
The Cure  A Night Like This 
Bob Marley  All Day and All Night 
Beatles  Any Time At All 
Smokey Robinson   The Tracks Of My Tears 
The Cure  The Perfect Girl 
Aaron Neville  Tell It Like It Is 
Pavement  In The Mouth Of A Desert 
Ween   I'll Miss You 
Colin Hay (Men At Work)  Overkill 
Seaweed  Startwith 
Sly And The Family Stone  Family Affair 
Atmosphere  Modern Mans Hustle 
Big Star  I'm In Love With A Girl 
Musical Youth  Pass The Dutchie 


Well I made this one for a trip. I'm sure you could tell that there is a theme as loose as it may be. But I had to End on an up note thats why "Pass The Dutchie" is there.
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Date: 3/3/2003
All over the place in a good way... Aaron Neville and Ween.. Thats pretty out there.