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Melancholia I

Artist Song
Cocteau Twins  High Monkey Monk 
Stereolab  The Black Arts 
Boards of Canada  Amo Bishop Roden 
Elbow  Any Day Now 
Peter Gabriel  Lazarus Arise 
Bjork  Come To Me 
Aphex Twin  Bbyndrchord 
Radiohead  Pyramid Song 
The Sundays  Here's Where The Story Ends 
Portishead  Roads 
Miles Davis  All Blues 
PJ Harvey  Angeline 


This is what I put on when I get depressed. No real flow but a consistent mellow, melancholy sort of vibe to it. My first post, be gentle. If anyone were to ever ask me what my taste in music is this is what I would hand them.


anna livia plurabel
Date: 3/3/2003
looks cool enuff. i'd certainly listen t'this whilst nuking whales.
: )
Date: 3/3/2003
Awwhh... it's pretty! Welcome!
Date: 3/3/2003
how can you have a depression mix without the cure or the smiths.. i dont understand...
Nuke The Whales
Date: 3/4/2003
Thanks all. No Cure or Smith. I see your point but never was a fan. Maybe I can throw in some Morrissey, say Vauxhall and I? The only album I ever tolerated start to finish.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 3/4/2003
nice stuff...quality 1st post! No Cure or Smiths is a good thing, they wouldn't fit on this at all.