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CD | Mixed Genre

[songs that explain nothing]

Artist Song
alkaline trio  sleepyhead 
american nightmare  i've shared your lips so now they sicken me 
yellowcard  october nights 
thrice  send me an angel 
the movielife  if only duct tape could fix everything 
the impossibles  plan b 
the ataris  the last song i will ever write about a girl 
stretch armstrong  for the record 
less than jake  look what happened 
finch  untitled 
good clean fun  last night i dreamt an emo kid loved me 
epicure  derailed 
hatebreed  empty promises 
alkaline trio  the metro 
jawbreaker  i love you so much it's killing us both 
american nightmare  the day the music died 
thrice  kille me quickly 
the movielife  this time next year 
the impossibles  connecticut 
the get up kids  i'm a loner dottie, a rebel 
stretch armstrong  i'll stop the world and melt with you 
alkaline trio  while you're waiting 
bad religion  21 century[digital boy] 
dashboard confessional  screaming infidelities 
from autumn to ashes  cherry kiss 
thursday  i hope you're alone 



Brave Little Toaster
Date: 3/6/2003
wow, i like this. a lot of adrenaline in this mix. that's a great bad religion song and i love the get up kids pick.