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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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Mix for Zack v. 6

Artist Song
The Apples in Stereo  Allright/Not Quite 
The Flaming Lips  Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 
OK Go  What To Do 
Pulp  Like A Friend 
Jump Little Children  Come Out Clean 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Song Against Sex 
Placebo  Twentieth Century Boy 
Moloko  Fun For Me 
Gus Gus  Ladyshave 
Sleater-Kinney  Burn, Dont Freeze 
Posies  I May Hate You Sometimes 
Spoon  The Way We Get By 
Phantom Planet  In Our Darkest Hour 
Kara's Flowers  Myself 
Throwing Muses  Snakeface 
Imperial Teen  Beauty 
Eliott Smith  Waltz #2 
Built to Spill  Untrustable Pt. 2 (About Someone Else) 
Unified Theory  Keep On 


Made March 2003.