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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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Charlottes Double CD: Up-Beat/Down Beat

Side A
Artist Song
REM  Orange Crush (live) 
Guided By Voices  A Salty Salute 
Muppets  Mahna Mahna 
Cyndi Lauper  Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 
Hall & Oates  Maneater 
Pere Ubu  Not Happy 
Built To Spill  You Were Right 
Beck  Peaches & Cream 
Biz Markie  Just A Friend 
Duran Duran  New Moon On Monday 
Radiohead  Idioteque 
Modern Lovers  Dodge Veg-O-Matic 
Neil Diamond  Sweet Caroline 
Guided By Voices  Game Of Pricks 
Pixies  Here Comes Your Man 
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant  Boiled Oil 
Skunk Anansie  Lately 
Prince  Kiss 
Toto Ono  I Eat Cannibal 
Side B
REM  Drive 
James  Sometimes 
Matthew Sweet  Winona 
Velvet Underground  Pale Blue Eyes 
Placebo  I Know 
Johnathan Richman   Hello From Cupid 
Nine Inch Nails  Something I Can Never Have 
Peter Gabriel  Love To Be Loved 
Suzanne Vega  Caramel 
REM  Tongue 
Belly  John Dark 
Flick  Maybe Someday 
James  One of the Three 
Yo La Tengo  Tears Are In Your Eyes 
Guns N' Roses  Since I Dont Have You 
They Might Be Giants  Shes and Angel 


Double CD Mix. Side 2 is actually Disk 2.