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name etched in a homeroom chair

Artist Song
capercaillie  gaelic reels 
6ths  san diego zoo 
alsace lorraine  name etched in a homeroom chair 
yann tiersen  le valse d'amelie 
be good tanyas  the littlest birds 
belle and sebastian  winter woolie 
camera obscura  sun on his back 
oh susanna  sleepy little sailor 
neko case  set out running 
sarah harmer  oleander 
willie nelson  wise old me 
louis armstrong and bing crosby  gone fishin' 
rose maddox  chocolate ice cream cone 
jenny toomey and franklin bruno  your inarticulate boyfriend 
nick drake  summertime 
les intriguantes  hello goodbye 
nana mouskouri  le tournesol 
joni mitchell  big yellow taxi 
iz cox  sunday afternoon 
heavy blinkers  you can heal everything wrong with my heart 
innocence mission  moon river 
charles aznavour  en revenant du quebec 
glo worm  ten million rainy days 
cornershop  good to be on the road back home again 
edith piaf  marie trottoir 
erin mckeown  la petite morte 
commercial  how to speak gaelic 


for my mum


Date: 3/8/2003
lots of stuff I don't recognize on here, but enough stuff I know and love to make it look oh-so-good.
Date: 3/8/2003
Another fine contribution to the site. It's always a pleasure to see (and hear) your excellent mixes.
Date: 3/12/2003
Very nice.