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Naked Youth

Side A
Artist Song
small faces  own up time.  
david john & the mood  bring it to jerome.  
los locos del ritmo  chica alborotada.  
ronnie self  bop-a-lena.  
frays  keep me covered.  
trashmen  a-bone.  
car thieves  monkey now!.  
church st. 5  monkey, usa.  
supercharger  the ghost of steve mcqueen.  
larry collins  ramrod.  
j.j. jackson  o-ma-liddy.  
pets  hello, i love you.  
untouchables  benny the beatnik.  
wild ones   bowie man.  
mummies  you must fight to live on the planet of the apes.  
t-boones  king of the orient.  
phantom brothers  chicago.  
las dillys sisters  sometimes good guys. 
merle travis  thumbing the bass.  
Side B
crime  yakuza.  
peenbeats  design for dedication. 
hormones  all kindsa girls.  
fingers  rock n' roll girl 
fingers  that's rock n' roll. 
jason eddie & the centremen  singing the blues.  
thunder rocks  rampage.  
bob mcfadden & dor  the beat generation. 
paul simon  back seat driver.  
kings  trouve un altro.  
blue stars  social end product.  
count backwurds  fever.  
distractors  distraction action.  
von lmo  crash landing 88.  
donnas  get rid of that girl.  
dmz  out of our tree.  
lyres  what a girl can't do.  


This one's nearly all garage and punk. Lots of stuff from "Trans-World Punk vol. 2." The Donnas track is from one of their earliest shows (Peninsula Tour '95). From July '96


Date: 1/24/2003
DMZ rule!!!
nu age
Date: 8/21/2003
VON LMO'S classic future language cd/lp re issued on munster cosmic interception and red resistor cds are still available at music stack and and a bootleg cd of VON LMO with a killer version of jimi hendrix's purple haze is showing up at community radio playlists and at ny underground record shops.... this band rules !