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In Between the Moon and You

Artist Song
The Verve  Bittersweet Symphony 
Elvis Costello  Alison 
The Cranberries  Ode To My Family 
Elton John  Rocket Man 
The Replacements  Unsatisfied 
John Mayer  Man On The Side 
Travis  Why Does It Always Rain On Me? 
Lisa Loeb  Do You Sleep? 
Bush  Glycerine (acoustic) 
Radiohead  Everything In Its Right Place 
Semisonic  She Spreads Her Wings 
REM  Sweetness Follows 
Ben Folds  Tiny Dancer 
Sneaker Pimps  Post-Modern Sleaze 
Meat Puppets  Roof With A Hole 
Counting Crows  'Round Here 
Barenaked Ladies  Wrap Your Arms Around Me 
Ben Folds Five  Evaporated 


This mix has been kicking around in my head for a while... it was made specifically for driving at night, preferrably alone with your thoughts. Most of the nights when I'm feeling too much with this world, I hop in my trusty car and go driving. This usually only happens on warm summer nights, when I'm back home - since I'm at school now with no car and it's the dead of winter, this mix is helping to satisfy my quiet cruising needs. "Evaporated" has always been my night-time driving theme song.
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Brave Little Toaster
Date: 3/9/2003
this is really pretty. i definitely think you achieved what you were going for.
Date: 3/9/2003
Cool mix, AB! You'll have to fill me in some time on where you get the photos to decorate your mixes. The artwork totally rocks on this one, as do the songs, for that matter.
Date: 3/9/2003
this is truly beautiful...'round here' is one of the best (and saddest) songs ever...
Date: 3/9/2003
This mix is fabulous. Absolutely beautiful.
Date: 3/10/2003
Cool idea and great artwork too. I've worked through a lot of restless moods by driving. I find Portishead's "Dummy" is a great nightime winter driving album, and you really must check out "This Road" by Blue Rodeo. :-)
Open your eyes
Date: 3/10/2003
I love cruising to release stress, it works so well. This mix would def. be most excellent.
Date: 7/3/2006
Definitely making this mix right now. I need some good night driving music for coming home from my summer job at midnight, or just driving aimlessly around for hours.