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Pass Me the Laser Beam

Artist Song
Cornershop  Wogs Will Walk 
Curtis Mayfield  Move On Up 
Style Council  Down in the Seine 
David Holmes  Jailbreak 
okgo  You're So Damn Hot 
Jimmy Eat World  Authority Song 
Paul Weller  It's Written in the Stars 
King Crimson  Matte Kudasai 
Tainita Tikaram  Amore Si 
Billy Bragg  Baby Faroukh 
Joe Strummer  Bhindi Bhagee 
The Police  Masoko Tanga 
Led Zeppelin  South Bound Suarez 
Medeski Martin & Wood  Big Time 
Elvis Costello  Spooky Girlfriend 
Biscuit Boy  Mitch 
Garnett Silk  Judge Not 
Sam Cooke   A Change is Gonna Come 


Compiled March 9, 2003 at my girlfriend Liza's apartment in Brighton, Mass. My first mix in almost a year (my PC has been acting really strange and CD burning has become quite a frustrating prospect of late). Liza had a sprained ankle so we just stayed home. A good mix-making situation. She told me after listening to one of the mixes I made for her that some of the stuff I listen to could make for some interesting dance numbers for the people who choreograph at her dance studio (including her). She asked me to put something together, keeping in mind possible choreographed dance numbers. "But I don't own much dance music," I told her. "That's okay," she said.

So this CD consists of stuff you wouldn't consider "dance music," even though you probably could dance to all of it.

Often times when I can't think of a title for a mix, I use the first line of the first song. That's the case here.


Date: 3/10/2003
Great mix. Love that King Crimson song!