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If it's not keeping you up nights, then what's the point

Artist Song
The All American Rejects  Don't Leave Me 
The Refreshments  Banditos 
The Actionslacks  Last Night I Dreamed That You Were Losing Sleep Over Me 
Brand New  Logan To The Goverment 
Coheed and Cambria  Devil in New Jersey 
Descendents  Clean Sheets 
Emilia  Big Big World 
Evanescense  Lies 
Kenna  Vexed and Glorious 
Live  I Alone 
Local H  Bound for the Floor 
Marilyn Manson  Tainted Love 
Nirvana   You Know You're Right 
North Star  Is This Thing Loaded? 
Ok Go  You're so damn hot 
Phantom Planet  Down in a Second 
Prozzak  Introduction to a broken Heart 
See Spot Run   Weightless 
Taking Back Sunday  Great Romances of the 21 century 
The Dandy Warhols  Cool Scene 


I am feeling so down. I should of been alot more honest a long time ago. He should say exactly how he feels.


Date: 3/10/2003
i fell in love with it from song one... i listen to all these bands, and you put it in a neat, clean order. i'm just glad it wasnt messy. nice job.
Tim Jenkins
Date: 4/13/2003
the actionslacks song is slick. you get a big ^5 for that one. :D