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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
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this is where i've been

Artist Song
the smiths  there is a light that never goes out 
paul simon  further to fly 
bob dylan  you're gonna make me lonesome when you go 
the beatles  your mother should know 
belle and sebastian  seeing other people 
yo la tengo  big sky 
the supremes  where did our love go? 
califone  don't let me die nervous 
elliott smith  sweet adeline 
the kinks  wait til summer comes along 
the yardbirds  putty (in your hands) 
modest mouse  dramamine 
the microphones  i felt your shape 
the pixies  hey 


This has a purpose which is understood by who needs to understand. It was made and given with more love than is obvious. Things are looking up.

1. Arriving in California, content
2. "There may come a time when I will lose you..." Sun Valley, Idaho
3. Self-explanatory
4. John Lennon sang this song in a dream of mine
5. "If I remain passive and you just want to cuddle..." Fakin' it
6. "When I feel that the world is too much for me I think of the big sky and nothing matters much to me" fooling myself, but calm, content
7. Self-explanatory lyrics, shock, thinking in a dated way about love, not coping, fear of being alone
8. Ceaseless anxiety
9. Self loathing, anger
10. "I've been crying all the winter... wondering what I did wrong" despair, hope, wallowing in despair
11. Submission, wanting to fix everything without realizing why I should
12. "I still can't focus on anything, we kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves" anger at things feeling forced, fake
13. "Really all I felt was falsely strong, I held on tight and closed my eyes, it was dumb..." behaviors coming to light
14. The picture of "us" that I keep


Date: 3/10/2003
this looks good.
Date: 3/10/2003
lovely mix, been listening to it all day. this one should definitely be motw definitely, definitely, definally