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evil wears lipgloss

Artist Song
modest mouse  3rd planet 
saves the day  shoulder to the wheel 
snapcase  typecast modulator 
dashboard confessional  again i go unnoticed 
braid  this charming man (smiths cover) 
dieradiodie  as soon as beauty dies 
garrison  is this a threat 
cave-in   stained silver 
the album leaf  the audio pool 
sensefield  will 
taking back sunday  you know how we do 
red house painters  drop 
saves the day  sell my old clothes 
the rocket summer  cross my heart 
the get up kids  forgive and forget 
les savy fav  je taime 
modest mouse  alons down there 
jimmy eat world   your new aesthetic (alternate version) 


i'm about the only guy in my year at college into indie (or emocore or whatever you call it where you come from) and if people listened to these tunes i'm sure i wouldn't be labelled "hevy metal" quite so often.


Emily Beal
Date: 3/10/2003
3rd Planet: Damn good song. I saw The Rocket Summer in concert a few weeks ago...and yay for french! You rock.
Date: 3/10/2003
i love the album leaf. good mix
Date: 3/24/2003
How dare you put Modest Mouse, Red House Painters, Album Leaf, Braid and s/t JEW on a mix with Dashboard, Saves the Gay, Taking Back Buttsex, and the Get-It-Up-The-Butt Kids. You sacriligous jerk.