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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

[rainy day mix]

Artist Song
no knife  secret handshake 
farside  statues of snow 
burning airlines  the escape plan 
six going on seven  portsmouth 
jimmy eat world  for me this is heaven 
elliott  second story skyscraper 
the gloria record  grain towers, telephone poles 
rainer maria  rise 
christie front drive  november 
jets to brazil  king medicine 
texas is the reason  do you know who you are? 
pedro the lion  i am always the one who calls 
jimmy eat world  just watch the fireworks 
the gloria record  torch yourself 
christie front drive  saturday 
broken heats are blue  get'n over my sassy self 
jimmy eat world  anerson mesa 
june of 44  lifted bells 
no knife  charming 
pedro the lion  bad diary days 
texas is the reason  there's no way i can talk myself out of this one 
pedro the lion  of up and coming monarchs 
tugboat annie  separation 
the new rising sons  now i agree 
christie front drive  fin 
jimmy eat world  a sunday 



Fall Semester
Date: 6/27/2003
This is a really good mix. Good work.