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Side A
Artist Song
Finch  New Beginnings 
Early November  All We Ever Needed 
Starting Line  Goodnight's Sleep 
The Used  Blue And Yellow 
Finch  What It Is To Burn 
Early November  This Happens 
Something Corporate  Konstantine 
Something Corporate  Cavanaugh Park 
Finch  Without You Here 
Starting Line  Cheek To Cheek 
Starting Line  Given The Chance 
Finch   Letters To You 
Finch   Perfection Through Silence 
Fenix TX  Tearjerker 
Starting Line  Hello Houston 
Third Eye Blind  Motorcycle Driveby 
Finch  New Kid 
Finch  Three Simple Words 
Boxcar Racer  Letters To God 
All American Rejects  Why Worry 
All American Rejects  Swing, Swing 
Finch  Stay With Me 
Finch   Untitled 
Off By One  Change 
Unwritten Law  Lonesome 
Finch   Waiting 
MXPX  Move To Bremerton 
Dashboard Confessional  Age Six Racer 
Juliana Theory  Don't Push Love Away 
All American Rejects  The Last Song 
Side B


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Bob the Gopher
Date: 3/14/2003
there are many rules to making mixes, you've broken most of them.
Bob the Gopher
Date: 3/14/2003
oh, and not in a good way.
Date: 8/29/2003
um yeah that was pretty poor. I suggest varying the amount of artists you use, instead of a select few. And when you do use artists more than once, don't put them right after each other. We like to see some variation. The only good thing was putting the last song as the last song lol