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I'll Continue Taking My Fries "Frenched," Thank You

Artist Song
Dead Milkmen  Brat In The Frat 
Talking Heads  Life During Wartime (Live) 
Frank Zappa   Welcome To The United States 
The Clash  I'm So Bored With The USA 
Lee Perry And Upsetters  Heavy Manners 
Charles Bukowski  A Little Atomic Bomb 
Marx Brothers  Duck Soup War Song 
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Fortunate Son 
The Dead Milkmen  Right Wing Pigeons 
Southern Culture On The Skids  The Great Atomic Power 
Leonard Cohen  First We Take Manhattan 
Mr. Lif  Phantom 
Carte The Unstoppable Sex Machine  I Blame The Government 
Bob Marley  War 
Charles Bukowski  Genius Of The Crowd 
Patti Smith  When Doves Cry 
The Clash  Pressure Drop 
Bob Marley  Get Up, Stand Up 
The Pogues w/ Joe Strummer  I Fought The Law 
Jimi Hendrix  The Star Spangled Banner 
The Clash  Let's Go Crazy 


So this is my "stealth-rebellion" mix, filled with protest-y type songs that I can play at work without annoying people too, too much. If the music is too loud or otherwise they start whining and I have to change things. I wanted to include some tracks that weren't as much part of the typical anti-war protest songbook hence the Dead Milkmen, The Bukowski Poems, Southern Culture, The Patti Smith cover of Prince, etc. I know the Creedence and the Hendrix songs are already "overused" and I ran a little heavy on the Clash songs, but I wanted to strike a balance for the folks at work who have never even heard a Clash song before (the horror!) and who also consider Bob Dylan's Blowing in the Wind the beginning and end of all protest rock. Arf. If anyone has a good french-fry picture that also is on the protesty side let me know as I'm looking for cover-art. One last thing, like the Dixie Chicks (whom I'm having an ever-increasing amount of respect for) I too am embarrassed that Georgie W. is from Texas (or at least squatted there).
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Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 3/14/2003
This is great!!! I need it. Let's trade ...
Date: 3/14/2003
standing ovation!
Mo Twang!
Date: 3/14/2003
Nice. Is "Fortunate Son" really overused? I don't think so....
lex robertson
Date: 3/14/2003
"Frenched"? I thought it was just French. At least, that's what it says on every menu ever. Anyway, good songs.
Date: 3/15/2003
brilliant title, excellent cover, and, most important of all, great mix. 'the genius of the crowd' is my favorite bukowski poem.