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love songs

Artist Song
jimmy eat world  table for glasses 
brandtson  potential getaway driver 
planes mistaken for stars  copper & stars 
appleseed cast  on reflection 
hot rod circuit  radiation suit 
dashboard confessional  hands down (live) 
Thursday  understanding in a car crash 
saves the day   sell my old clothes i'm off to heaven 
the get up kids  new mass 
cave-in  stream of conciousness 
jimmy eat world  crush 
cross my heart  tonight we'll light ourselves on fire 
thursday  paris in flames 
appleseed cast  fishing the sky 
dashboard confessional  screaming infidelities 
camber  hollowed out 
jimmy eat world   episode iv 
the get up kids  forgive & forget 


a friend of mine is always complaining about being "stuck in a rut" music-wise. obviously none of these bands are very new and since listening to them for a few years i have moved onto pastures new. i thought this would serve as a good introduction to "life after punk". ha ha. that just struck me as being funny. anyway