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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Mixed Genre

Galvanized Steel

Artist Song
Throwing Muses  Tar Kissers 
Fu Manchu  Eatin' Dust 
Rollins Band  Liar 
Moloko  Killa Bunnies 
The Melvins  Night Goat 
Jucifer  Lamb1 
Jucifer  Lamb2 
Jucifer  Lamb3 
Jucifer  Lamb4 
The Modey Lemon  Coffin Talk 
Unified Theory   A.M. Radio 
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant  Boiled Oil 
Trans Am  Stereo Situation 
Dead Kennedys   Pull My Strings 
The Hellacopters  Like No Other Man 
Nebula  Dragon Eye 
Faith No More  Caffeine 
Skunk Anansie  We Dont Need Who You Think You Are 
Sunny Day Real Estate  Killed By An Angel 


A mix of some harder-edged tunes for Anthony, since he digs that kind of music & so I thought I'd share some of mine.