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songs for a faraway boy

Artist Song
Norah Jones  The Nearness of You 
John Mayer  3x5 
Mazzy Star  Fade Into You 
The Wannadies  You and Me Song 
Great Big Sea  Stumbling In 
Eels  P.S. You Rock My World 
They Might Be Giants  Another First Kiss 
Onelinedrawing  Smile 
The Ataris  I.O.U. One Galaxy 
Guster  Great Escape 
Eels  Fresh Feeling 
The Flaming Lips  When You Smile 
John Mayer  Not Myself 
Norah Jones  Come Away With Me 


My first mix, for a wonderfully geeky guy hundreds of miles off who I'm missing. I tried to include a couple of his favorite artists while still leaving it fairly mellow. I love going to bed with my copy of this one.
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Date: 3/28/2003
I wish that someone would make a mix like this for me. I mean, really, I'm a wonderfully geeky guy, too.