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Rush: From Yesterday to a Somewhat More Recent Yesterday, disc 1

Artist Song
Rush  Fly By Night 
Rush  Making Memories 
Rush  By-Tor & the Snow Dog 
Rush  Something for Nothing 
Rush  Lessons 
Rush  A Passage to Bangkok 
Rush  2112: I. Overture 
Rush  II. The Temples of Syrinx 
Rush  III. Discovery 
Rush  IV. Presentation 
Rush  V. Oracle - The Dream 
Rush  VI. Soliloquy 
Rush  VII. Grand Finale 
Rush  Closer to the Heart 
Rush  Xanadu 
Rush  A Farewell to Kings 
Rush  Cygnus X-1 


Disc one of a three-disc set. This disc covers "Fly By Night" through "A Farewell to Kings." I do like the first album, but couldn't see dropping anything from this lineup to make room for it. It really is its own entity anyway. I couldn't find a way to represent "Caress of Steel" either, which is a shame. I couldn't see replacing something here with "Bastille Day" or "Lakeside Park," and all the other good stuff is way too long. I broke up 2112 into separate tracks, and considered doing the same with Cygnus, but it didn't seem as important with that one.

See also discs 2 and 3.
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