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Rush: From Yesterday to a Somewhat More Recent Yesterday, disc 2

Artist Song
Rush  Circumstances 
Rush  The Trees 
Rush  La Villa Strangiato 
Rush  The Spirit of Radio 
Rush  Freewill 
Rush  Entre Nous 
Rush  Natural Science 
Rush  Tom Sawyer 
Rush  Red Barchetta 
Rush  YYZ 
Rush  Limelight 
Rush  The Camera Eye 
Rush  Vital Signs 


Disc two of a three-disc collection. This one covers from "Hemispheres" through "Moving Pictures." It was heart-breaking to remove the "Hemispheres" suite from the mix, but it just didn't work. There's more casually listenable stuff to take its place. See disc 1 for cover art, and check out disc 3 as well.