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Rush: From Yesterday to a Somewhat More Recent Yesterday, disc 3

Artist Song
Rush  Subdivisions 
Rush  The Analog Kid 
Rush  Digital Man 
Rush  New World Man 
Rush  Losing It 
Rush  Countdown 
Rush  Distant Early Warning 
Rush  Kid Gloves 
Rush  The Enemy Within 
Rush  Between the Wheels 
Rush  The Big Money 
Rush  Force Ten 
Rush  Show Don't Tell 
Rush  Roll the Bones 
Bob & Doug McKenzie (with Geddy Lee)  Take Off 


Disc three of the three-disc set (see disc 1 for cover art and check out disc two as well). This covers from "Signals" through "Roll the Bones" and stops there. Yeah, there are a few good tracks after that, but nothing I would replace anything here with. The last track is a bit of a gag and is not listed on the back of the disc.


DJ Lunch Boy
Date: 3/28/2003
Personally, I would drop "New World Man" (a little overplayed, kind of disposable) and "Between the Wheels" (a fine song, but just not as good as "The Enemy Within" or "Kid Gloves") and replace them with "Time and Motion" and "Sweet Miracle". But I'm a little idiosyncratic.
Date: 3/28/2003
DJ Lunch Boy: I hear what you're saying. When it comes to latter Rush, there's plenty of room (and fuel) for argument. I felt New World Man was necessary as I wanted this to be a good overview for someone who didn't own the catalog, and I couldn't see leaving it out (otherwise I never would have included Closer to the Heart on disc 1). And I love Between the Wheels; I think it sums up the feel of p/g really well. But again, that's just one of many arguments Rush fans could have about the latter years of their career. :-)