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the magician's last trick

Artist Song
nick drake  i was made to love magic 
jeff buckley  je n' en connais pas la fin 
spoon  in the right place the right time 
hayden  we don't mind 
hefner  may god protect your home 
wilson pickett  i'm in love 
love  no matter what you do 
fennesz  caecilia 
john lennon  jealous guy 
cursive  the game of who needs who the worst 
blonde redhead  in particular 
postal service  nothing better 
john vanderslice  foothills of my mind 
otis redding  i've got dreams to remember 
migala  cuatro estaciones 
the sleepy jackson  good dancers 
cracker   big dipper 
elliott smith  somebody that i used to know 
sigur ros  track 5 from the Hlemmur soundtrack 
cat power  sea of love 
beck  lost cause 
harry nilsson  without you 
sigur ros  vaka 


so i tried to make this as the soundtrack to a movie with the songs telling the story. what i imagined it as was this magician meets a girl at a fair, they fall in love, he gets jealous about her hanging around with other men, they break up, he's depressed now, he sees her again after a few months with another guy and they look really happy together, then he wraps chains around himself and goes into the sea and drowns and his body floats out to sea. i considered using dismemberment plan's "i love a magician" instead of the nick drake song but it didn't fit as well. happy huh?
i stole the pic from some site.
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Nate Gansen
Date: 5/13/2003
Wow, that's impressive. Does it work? I mean, if I were to listen to that without you explaining it, would I know what's going on? Either way, I'm sure it's great to listen to, lots of good bands here.