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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Pop

You Make Me Sick, I Make Tapes

Side A
Artist Song
Beach Boys  The Nearest Faraway 
Dodgy  So Let Me Go Far  
Murray Attaway  Under Jets 
Garbage  Thirteen 
Imani Coppola  Legend of a Cowgirl 
LaBelle  Lady Marmalade  
David Bowie  Beauty and the Beast  
Boo Radleys  Wake Up Boo 
Wireless  See Emily Play 
Redd Kross  Annie's Gone Suede 
Soap Disco Manic Str  A Design For Life 
Valentine's Day  Smashing Pumpkins 
Orbit  Come Inside Smiths 
Side B
Space  The Ballad of Tom Jo 
Ben Folds Five  She Don't Use Jelly  
Siouxsie & the Bansh  Christine 
Blur  End Of A Century  
Supergrass  Mansize Rooster  
Violent Femmes  Freak Magnet  
Super Furry Animals  Something 4 the Week 
Topper  Dim...  
Danny Wilson  Kooks 
The Wild Ones  Kara's Flowers 
Frank Black  All My Ghosts Ruth 
Clones (We're All) L  How Soon Is Now? 


I'm just touching the iceberg with this tape - a reaction tape inspired by a bad mix tape that was one half Spice Girls and one half bad Celine Dion type pop.....