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CD | Mixed Genre

better off perhaps someday

Artist Song
fleming and john   love songs 
eddie vedder / ben harper  throw your arms around me 
stone temple pilots  sour girl (acoustic) 
beck  lonesome tears 
silverchair  ana's song (acoustic) 
ben folds five  brick 
wilco  pot kettle black 
everclear  santa monica (acoustic) 
the beta band  dry the rain 
jeff buckley  hallelujah 
the sneaker pimps  underground 
the wallflowers  how good it can get 
cat power  metal heart 
james taylor  fire and rain 
ryan adams  memories of you 
jump little children  cathedrals 
oasis  stand by me (acoustic) 
longwave  ambien 


a follow up to the "i have a crush on you" mix. the boy i'm crazy about is "interested" but thinks he lives too far away. so i'm left feeling more than a bit crushed. this is meant to be at once mournful and hopeful. which is approximately how i'm feeling
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Date: 3/31/2003
hey! thanks for your tips!... i would tend to agree with you about the deftones and d'angelo, my friend scott was really thought the deftnones song carried an awesome beat and sound while he was with this one girl. i guess i see your point totally.. if i had my way i would so put on PORTISHEAD - GLORY BOX... and im looking at your mix here , and love it! i like all the songs. have you heard Guster - Happier, or Kasey Chambers - am i not pretty enough? im listening to them and they speak sorta about the same shit goin on...