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Hey! You Gotta Hear This... Part One

Artist Song
Hot Hot Heat  Get in or Get Out 
Pirates Go Arrr  B to the Ubblegum 
Ozma  Los Angeles 
Luminar  Month of Sundays 
Fat Amy  Purple 
The Kashmir  Quite Alright 
Black Emanuelle  Swedish Steel 
The Benevolent Explosives  Boris Yeltsin 
Taking Back Sunday  Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team) 
The Romeos UK  Go Go Baby 
Pink Caffeine  Take Me Higher (radio English mix) 
Scorpio Rising  Good Boy 
Soviet   Commute 
Suburban Legends  Popular Demand 
Rufio  One Slowdance 
The Bellyachers  Whisky Talking 
Joe Bendik & The Heathens  I'm Here to Sell You Beer 
The Sods  Drunk Punk 
Whitey Gomez  I Can Hear the Crickets 
Pirates Go Arrr  Another Girl Song 
The Happies?  Jayleen 
Firecracker  Box of Hearts 


I made this mix primarily to introduce a friend to some new music. I also wanted to pay homage to several bands my sister pals around with in the SF Bay Area. It is intended as a true sampler, with power pop, synth pop, Celtic folk punk, vocal house, alt country and ska all represented. I know I am biased (because I made it!), but there are some really great songs on here. I hope my friend plays this mix incessantly!


Date: 4/1/2003
OK Erik, I'm sold and I don't know ANY of these bands. Save me a copy for our next trade, will ya?
holy crap, a band called pirates go arrr? i want a copy just for this. d'you want to trade anything?
Date: 12/2/2004
Like Steve said (reference the knowledge) and if you are up for it, I would like to trade.