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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

White Oceans of Tranquility

Side A
Artist Song
The Chemical Brothers  Asleep From Day 
Marumari  Birth of the Cub Cyborg 
Seefeel  Moodswing 
My Bloody Valentine  Slow 
Eric's Trip  Universal Dawn 
Mouse on Mars  Albion Rose 
Autechre  Arch Carrier 
DNTEL  Why I'm So Unhappy 
Aphex Twin  Mookid 
Boards of Canada  Dawn Chorus 
Side B
Fugazi  Sweet and Low 
The Helio Sequence  Transistor Radio 
The Postal Service  Brand New Colony 
SIANspheric  Watch Me Fall 
Camera Obscura  Something About A Nightmare 
Bardo Pond  Tantric Porno 
Ms. John Soda  By Twos 
Lali Puna  Scary World Theory 
Cranes  Maker of Heavenly Trousers 
Quickspace  Gloriana 


Well, as the title suggests I threw this together as a sort of "response" to the last mix I made. I felt like it was a little on the dark side so this time I went for a more upbeat sound. Also, more electronics. There's an overall dreamy atmosphere to the tracks that I find pleasing. Comments welcome/appreciated.


Sonic Death
Date: 4/7/2003
Another winner. All your mixes are awesome.
Shoegazing Dave
Date: 4/10/2003
thats it, we're trading -- check my mixes. this is mindfuckingly amazing!