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Cassette | Mixed Genre
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my trip to venus

Side A
Artist Song
benton falls  this housecall could kill 
the plot to blow up the eiffel tower  one stab deserves another 
shipping news  the photoelectric effect 
still life  no one is free 
pilot to gunner  zero return 
taken  a coward for you 
eastern youth  chisana yujin 
the 90 day men  my trip to venus 
the lapse  infinite me 
moss icon  gravity 
city of caterpillar  maybe they'll gnaw right through 
kill sadie  you want last words 
twelve hour turn  little one 
the trans megetti  ? (live) 
drive like jehu  if it kills you 
Side B
planes mistaken for stars  scratching sounds 
elliott  waiting while under paralysis 
the party of helicopters  just as astral 
faraquet  study in complacency 
the appleseed cast  beach gray 
calexico  sonic wind 
aloha  saint lorraine 
denali  gunner 
cat power  cross bones style 
the jim yoshii pile-up  distance 
pedro the lion  june 18, 1976 
nada surf  sleep (en frantais) 
beulah  gravity's bringing us down 
wheat  breathe for me now 
self  paint by numbers 


march 2003; for my friend josh. he got me a record. this tape is geeky. i don't know the name of the trans megetti song (even though they say "this song is called ________" at the beginning!) but it is from a german (maybe danish) compilation record i have with live recordings from some bands.i made the cover with construction paper cutouts and it has a rocketship and an earth and a venus, and some stars, so just imagine to yourself what it looks like.