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Cassette | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Swansea, East Providence, West Roxbury, Somewhere in New Hampshire, and Plymouth on the way home.

Side A
Artist Song
The Get Up Kids  Last Place You Look 
Bob Mould  Poison Years 
The Clash  The Card Cheat 
My Bloody Valentine  I Only Said 
The Jesus and Mary Chain  Sometimes Always 
Pavement  Major Leagues 
Ben Harper  Another Lonely Day 
The Jam  Ghosts 
The Replacements  Can't Hardly Wait 
Rival Schools  Travel By Telephone 
Alkaline Trio  You're Dead 
Morphine  You Speak My Language 
The Velvet Underground  Stephanie Says 
Side B
Wilco  Someone Else's Song 
Jeff Buckley  Lover, You Should Have Come Over 
Norah Jones  Cold Cold Heart 
Josh Rouse  Feeling No Pain 
The Stone Roses  She Bangs the Drum 
Faith No More  Ashes to Ashes 
White Girl 
Husker Du  The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill 
Sugar  The Slim 
The Folk Implosion  Someone You Love 
Johnny Cash  One 


The only thing worse than being a music geek is being a music and fish geek. Why else would one spend a Tuesday Afternoon driving through three states looking for the best price on Clown Triggers, and for Los Angeles by X (the Lp).


Date: 4/4/2003
Your quest seems very purposeful. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. Looks like a good soundtrack as well.
Emily Stein1
Date: 4/11/2003
Anyone armed with such a musical force can proceed with whatever mission they like. :)