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Cassette | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Whatever Happens... Happens

Side A
Artist Song
Passengers  Beach Sequence 
Depeche Mode  Dangerous 
Cocteau Twins  Calskin Smack 
R.E.M.  Be Mine 
Bell  Anti 
Stay (Faraway, So Cl  Third Eye Blind 
Venus Meets Pluto  James 
Luna  U2 
Last Dance  The Beatles 
Side B
Ravel  Bolero 
The Flamingos & The  I Only Have Eyes For 
Pee Shy  Jad Fair 
Sarah McLachlan  I Love You 
Social Love Ballad #  U2 
The Background  Eve's Plum 
Out To Get You  Smashing Pumpkins 
Hawkmoon 269  Sarah McLachlan 


It all started with a dare... and somehow we ended up in bed. Three years later, the cycle began again but this time I was prepared. Besides, I had been promising her a tape for forever anyway. The Eddie Vedder track is off of a bootleg, but I remember seeing him play it at a Rock for Choide benefit so I know it is just him and not the whole band. Basically, it is a big fat mood tape and it worked quite well. As for the Girl... she got another tape and she got me in the deal.