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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Single Artist
CD | Blues - Classic Blues

Dog Food Misery Goat System Overload - 90's Ambient Trip Hop Pop

Artist Song
Moby  Porcelain 
Sting  Desert Rose 
The Cranberries  Ode To My Family 
The Cranberries  Linger 
Dido  All Yout Want 
Dido  My Lover's Gone 
Sarah Brightman  Deliver Me 
Tori Amos  January 
Portishead  Sour Times 
Tricky  Overcome 
Peter Gabriel  Curtains 
Portishead  Mysterons 
Robbie Robertson  Take Your Partner By The Hand 
Brian Eno & Harold Budd  Their Memories 
Marillion  House 


My girlfriend attempted to broaden my musical tastes with exposure to Moby, Tricky, Dido and Portishead. So I gave it back to her with some of my own like Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson, and Marillion. We've come to an understanding about music and the conclusion is my taste is better. She didn't know she voted for me. Hell, she didn't even know about the vote, but mine is still better, damn her. BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!