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Artist Song
Live  Transmit Your Love 
Live  Water Boy 
Live  Selling the Drama 
Live  Pain Lies on the Riverside 
Live  All Over You 
Live  Lakini's Juice 
Live  The Beauty of Gray 
Live  White, Discussion 
Live  Ghost 
Live  Flow 
Live  Turn My Head 
Live  Dance with You 
Live  I Alone 
Live  The Dolphin's Cry 
Live  Good Pain 
Live  Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition) 
Live  Sparkle 
Live  Simple Creed 
Live  Face and Ghost 
Live  Freaks 
Live  Lightning Crashes 


Live is such a good band. Not as popular, or great as they can be. Here's 21 of my favorites. Maybe one day they'll have a repeat of the greatness they showed with their debut "Mental Jewelry".


Date: 4/9/2003
Really loved these guys when Mental Jewelry came out, but it's been downhill since then and their last release was pretty much worthless, IMHO. Glad to see someone picking the few gems out of the muck. I was thinking of doing the same but just haven't had the time. :)
Alicia K
Date: 5/12/2003
Great idea -- I love "Throwing Copper" to pieces but was really disappointed with the next few CDs. I'm looking forward to hunting down these gems.