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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

quiet exiles to a fresh dug grave

Side A
Artist Song
neusiland  under the sky 
wilco  jesus, etc. 
seafruit  looking for sparks 
blondie  die young stay pretty 
autem  once past centennial 
belle and sebastian  mayfly 
the corta vita  fierce invalids home from hot climates 
suede  introducing the band 
kraftwerk  computerlove 
that dog.  ms. wrong 
the toledo speedway  die perfect 
Side B
the weakerthans  greatest hits collection 
do make say think  the apartment song 
deathcab for cutie  for what reason 
the white stripes  dead leaves and the dirty ground 
explosions in the sky  the moon is down 
the girls  the murder mystery 
planesmistakenforstars  end me in richmond 
bis  kandy pop 
beck  round the bend 
the weakerthans  exiles among you 
ugly casanova  bee sting 


promises from hardwood floors our deftly fingerpainted chorus and blue eyelids tra la landed cold and wet and burned and branded inside your starry eyelash cribs bow and bend your tiny ribs to my painted on piano keys or to nails beneath our knees show me all the songs you hide burned and branded still alive

a mixtape for ben. le sigh. with love.