part two: this job makes me want to cut my neck...

Artist Song
the cure  the hanging garden 
interpol  hands away 
the rolling stones  i am waiting 
my bloody valentine  sometimes 
fischerspooner  tone poem 
the velvet underground  lisa says 
new order  leave me alone 
the walkmen  the blizzard of '96 
bjork  possibly maybe (remix) 
tom waits  bad liver and a broken heart 
the lies  clean cut 
bauhaus  kick in the eye 
duran duran  the chauffeur 
jawbreaker  ache 
ten in the swear jar  worry boy 
joy division  atmosphere 
tortoise  as you said 
wire  single k.o. 
death cab for cutie  line of best fit 


disc two of a two disc set for my hellof electroclash co-worker mike. this is the "schweepy" one.

my previous recommendation to shop at streetlight records in the bay area is still valid.


Rob Conroy
Date: 4/9/2003
That's my favorite VU song and I'm pretty huge on your Rolling Stones, Wire and MBV picks.
Sonic Death
Date: 4/9/2003
great, great mix!
Date: 4/10/2003
This is an incredibly sad combination of music, and I suppose you deserve some recognition for that--probably more than you'll ever receive. But just for that one day, just for one were a mix-making god.