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The Only Way To FLY

Artist Song
Tony Bennett  In Other Words(Fly Me To The Moon) 
Saliva  Raise Up 
Foo Fighters  Learn To Fly 
Jeff Beck  Blackbird 
Queensryche  Some People Fly 
Tori Amos  Take To The Sky 
drivin n cryin  Catch The Wind 
Danzig  Her Black Wings 
Van Halen & Sammy Hagar  Where Eagles Fly 
Pink Floyd  Learning To Fly 
U2  Bullet The Blue Sky(live) 
Willy Nelson  Angel Flyin 
Days Of The New  Dancing With The Wind 
Pearl Jam  Given To Fly(Live Verona) 
Lenny Kravitz  Fly Away 
The Cult  Rise 
Blind Guardian  Spread Your Wings 
The Cicadas  Still Learning How to Fly 


Lots of songs about flying. One of man's greatest dreams is to defy gravity and rise into the sky. Just a few songs inspired by that dream.


Pedro Orange1
Date: 9/24/2003
"He still gives his love, he just gives it away" of my favorite lines from Pearl Jam. I like this mix.