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The Tom Waits Show

Artist Song
Tom Waits  Heart attack and vine 
Tom Waits  Reeperbahn 
Tom Waits  Innocent when you dream (barroom version) 
Tom Waits  Just the right bullets 
Tom Waits  Cold cold ground 
Tom Waits  Chocolate Jesus 
Tom Waits  Diamonds & gold 
Tom Waits  Tango till they're sore 
Tom Waits  Kommienezuspadt 
Tom Waits  Swordfishtrombone 
Tom Waits  16 shells from a thirty-ought six 
Tom Waits  'Til the money runs outs 
Tom Waits  The ghost of Saturday night 
Tom Waits  Starving in belly of a whale 
Tom Waits  Russian dance 
Tom Waits  All the world is green 
Tom Waits  Ice cream man 
Tom Waits  Pasties and a G string 
Tom Waits  Emotional weather report 
Tom Waits  Diamonds on my windshield 
Tom Waits  Earth died screaming 


This mix was made for a trip, I didnt feel like bringing all my waits on the road so I took a few from each. Over all it came out pretty good


Erlend the Norwegian
Date: 4/15/2003
Lot's of favorites here...
Date: 4/15/2003
i don't think it's hyperbole to say that every note tom waits recorded is better than everything else in the world put together.

okay, maybe a bit of hyperbole.