the night is just humming.

Side A
Artist Song
edith frost  wonder wonder 
elvis costello  green shirt 
the lucksmiths  tee shirt weather 
blur   maggie mae 
john prine   spanish pipedream 
xtc  mayor of simpleton 
peggy lee  in other words 
leonard cohen  hey, that's no way to say goodbye 
doug martsch  the weather (live in pdx) 
the magnetic fields  love goes home to paris in the spring 
rufus wainwright  april fools 
kaia  catch 
badly drawn boy  camping next to water 
belle and sebastian   we rule the school 
Side B
shadowy men on a shadowy planet  having an average weekend 
pavement   range life 
mary hopkin  the puppy song 
onelinedrawing  crush on everyone 
bunnysummer  crush 
the flaming lips  up above the daily hum 
the go-betweens  spring rain 
ida  august again 
the velvet underground  who loves the sun? 
stratler bros.  flowers on the wall 
the geraldine fibbers  he stopped loving her today 
yo la tengo   cherry chapstick 
quasi  smile 
julie doiron  sweeter 
the butchies  unbroken. 


i like spring.


Kathleen Gallagher
Date: 4/15/2003
me too! and I like this mix.