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An Evil Troublemaker With Cataracts (Don't You Remember, Don't You Know?)

Artist Song
Adolf Hofner & His San Antonians (1941)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys (1957)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys (1946)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Caballo Dorado (~2000)  Cotton-Eyed Joe (sung in Spanish) 
Charlie McCoy and His Harmonica (1996)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Chieftains feat Ricky Skaggs (1992)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Darcie Deaville (1991)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Don Reno & Red Smiley (1957)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Fatboy Slim vs. Rednex (~2000)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
George Chambers (2001)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Hampton the Hamster (~2000)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Isaac Payton Sweat (1997)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Michelle Shocked feat Alison Kraus (1992)  Prodigal Daughter and Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Otto Waalkes (2003)  Cotton-Eyed Hex (sung in German) 
Pam Gadd (1996)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Queen Ida & Her Zydeco Band (1985)  Caught in the Act 
Rednex (1995)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Tom Paxton (1977)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Walter Brennan (1963)  Cotton-Eyed Joe 
Willie Nelson & Johnny Gimble (1980)  Jumpin' Cotton-Eyed Joe 


Lyrics to "Cotton-Eyed Joe" are in print as far back as 1925. Depending which legend you prefer, the reference is either to the cloudy appearance of the eyes with untreated cataracts, or to a guy who took "a cotton to" (a liking to) the ladies. In either case, Joe used his evil eye powers to steal my fiancTe, and here I sit, still unmarried, 40 years later.

Originally a folk blues song, it morphed in the 1940s into a country/bluegrass standard. In the 1990s it received musicdom's most prestigious recognition by being included (Rednex version) in Jock Jams (-: All time best version, IMHO, is by the Austin-area
fiddler and vocalist Darcie Deaville.

Although the song's origins are lost in antiquity,
you can hear an authentic version from 1939
by Elmo Newcomer in the
Lomax collection.
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joey de vivre
Date: 4/16/2003
Amazing! ( Walter Brennan!??!!? I had no idea. ) -- I have some pretty good versions by Doc Watson, Katy Kallick, Keith Little & the Highwood String Band, if you'd like to add them in to an expanded version.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 4/18/2003
I love this kind of stuff. I have several I made long ago of millions of covers, but I haven't put them on CD yet. You give me courage!
Date: 5/3/2003
Date: 5/9/2003
I like it.
Greg Magarian
Date: 5/11/2003
Woo-hoo! I've thought about doing this with "Stagger Lee" and variations . . . also "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," not because it should be done but because it can. I've looked at all your mixes, and my hat is off to you.
Date: 4/25/2004
I missed this...don't know the song but props for it!
Date: 11/6/2004
This mix has been included in "Never Too Much of a Good Thing" - opening today at the AoTM Exhibitions page.
Bitter Fire
Date: 6/6/2005
Props for Bob Wills! As an Okie girl I have some pride for my hometown and Bob Wills ghost is still haunting the Cains Ballroom. Awesome mix.
Date: 12/19/2005
Nina Simone does a version or two - but then, she does a version of everything.