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from the archive: WWJM? Volume 1 (the original mixes)

Side A
Artist Song
dc Talk  Willpower 
Newsboys  Shine 
All Star United  Saviour of My Universe 
Big Tent Revival  My Guitar 
Caedmon's Call  April Showers 
Carman  Soap Song (live) 
Rubadub  I'm Not a Gangsta 
Poor Old Lu  Where Were All of You 
Robert Deeble/Days Like These  Open Air 
Jars of Clay  The Chair 
Believable Picnic  Lion's Den 
Geoff Moore and the Distance  Stand 
PfR  Say 
All Star United  You Don't Need Vitamins 
Side B
the Beatles  Taxman 
the O.C. Supertones  Supertones Strike Back 
Carman  Addicted to Jesus 
Sarah Jahn  Crucible 
Third Day  Alien 
Audio Adrenaline  Chevette 
Jars of Clay  Tea and Sympathy 
John Jonethis  Ember 
Code of Ethics  Satellite Babies 
LifeForm  He's a River 
Smalltown Poets  Everything I Hate 
Newsboys  Breathe (Benediction) 


1998-ish. dang, my tapes needed shorter names. this is another relic from my near-total consumption with contemporary Christian music. and no fewer than three artists represented twice!

early cover art was a roll of toilet paper, each square bearing the letters "WWJD?". oh subversive I.