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Artist Song
Jim Morrison  Screaming Obsenities 
L7  Mr Integrity 
Faith No More  Last Cup Of Sorrow  
Alice in Chains  Man In The Box  
Boss Hog  What the Fuck  
Tool  Sober 
Pearl Jam  Do The Evolution  
Sex Pistols  Liar 
Operation Ivy  Jaded  
Jawbreaker  I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both  
Everclear  Heroin Girl  
Angry Samoans  Tuna Taco 
Foo Fighters  I'll Stick Around  
Rage Against the Machine  Freedom  
Nirvana  Negative Creep  
Helmet  Milquetoast  
Soundgarden  Jesus Christ Pose  
Dead Kennedys  Pull My Strings  
Bikini Kill  Strawberry Julius  
Guns N Roses  My Michelle 


6/99 I dont know... I was pretty much flipping back and forth between acute melancholy and nail biting rage when I made this, which is weird because Im normally about as even keeled and mellow as they come. This is the polar opposite of my "Letter Never Sent" mix, which was made about the same time -- I guess they are technically related.