Fuckin' Right, I Drive A Minivan

Side A
Artist Song
Hot Action Cop  Fever for the Flava 
Sum 41  Still Waiting 
Pennywise  Fuck Authority 
Thin Lizzy  The Boys Are Back In Town 
Fenix TX  Threesome 
Incubus  Turning Japanese 
The Vandals  I Have A Date 
Good Charlotte  The Anthem 
Sum 41  Over My Head (Better off Dead) 
Ash  Burn Baby Burn 
Lagwagon  Mr Coffee 
SR71  Right Now (Kick Me When I'm High) 
Marvelous 3  Freak of the Week 
Blink 182  What's My Age Again? 
NOFX  Monosyllabic Girl 
Off By One  High School 
Riddlin Kids  I Feel Fine 
The Ataris  You Need A Hug 
Sugarcult  Bouncing Off The Walls 
Side B
Bowling for Soup  Girl All the Bad Guys Want 
Ultimate Fakebook  Goddamn Dance Craze 
Lagwagon  Sleep 
Nerf Herder  Sorry 
The Starting Line  Best of Me 
Off By One  On My Way 
Chixdiggit  Faith 
Riddlin Kids  Here We Go Again 
The Starting Line  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 
Nerf Herder  For You 
Ash  Kung Fu 
Gob  Give Up The Grudge 
NOFX  Louise 
Sum 41  Thanks For Nothing 
The Vandals  Idea For A Movie 
[spunge]  ego 
Blink 182  M+Ms 
The Starting Line  I'm Real 
The Offspring  Want You Bad 


This is a mix full of some of my favourite songs, and is intended not to be punk, but to have a vaguely punkass feel to it. 'Cause I do drive a minivan, and I wanted something that I could play with the windows rolled down without feeling ridiculous.


Date: 4/27/2003
geez u drive a minivan and u like these kickass songs?!?!?!

one word: awesume!!!!!!!!
Date: 4/27/2003
This is the most "punk-like" intended-not-to-be-punk tape I've ever seen! I'd bitch, but you got Incubus on there, which is just solid. NOFX is sweet too. But I'm so fucking sick of Sum 41 I could retch. Anyways, there you go. Out.