living in your car, it's important to have good tunes.

Artist Song
the white stripes  let's build a home 
ikara colt  one note 
the rapture  house of jealous lovers 
interpol  hands away 
the rolling stones  i am waiting 
ladytron  discotraxx 
the hives  die, all right! 
radio 4  certain tragedy 
the strokes  new york city cops 
erase errata  tongue tied 
the libertines  vertigo 
joy division  the kill 
the faint  take me to the hospital 
liars  grown men don't fall in the river, just like that 
the raveonettes  beat city 
fischerspooner  tone poem 
the walkmen  blizzard of '96 
new order  ceremony 
the smiths  i know it's over 
duran duran  the chauffeur 
the lies  clean cut 
xiu xiu  apistat commander 


yeah. shame on me, i used too many played-out retreads and whatnot, but when somebody's been out of your life for a couple of years, i think a "greatest hits" cd is appropriate.

p.s. i bet you suckers totally thought this was going to really be "punk!" ha!


Date: 4/30/2003
Date: 4/30/2003
love the mix....though I think "I know it's over" was a real low-point for Morrissey
Date: 4/30/2003
beat city. ah, can one not be too obsessed with kerouac? <>
interpol, joy division, new order, duran hit all the greats.
Russ Woods1
Date: 5/12/2003
Lovely liars, libertines, rapture, ladytron tracks...was just contemplating making a mix with those same tunes.