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Hey, You Guys Aren't Rush!?!

Artist Song
Emmerson Nogueira  Tom Sawyer 
The Groove Daddys  Subdivisions 
Skid Row  What You're Doing 
Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra  Closer the the Heart 
Sun City Girls  Fly By Night 
Silver Sun  Xanadu 
The Gomers  Headrush (Tom Sawyer) 
Anger  Working Man 
The Spur of the Moment  The Spirit of Radio 
Ed Hall  I Think I'm Going Bald 
Hermetic Science  Jacob's Ladder 
Sloan  In the Mood 
Deadsy  Tom Sawyer 
Dream Theater  Tears 
Greg Howe  La Villa Strangiato 
Sound Transmission  The Sphere 


A compilation of Rush covers. I went through all the cover tracks at (all Rush fans should go there immediately) and picked my sixteen favorites. I opted against using anything on Magna Carta's "Working Man" compilation. All tracks are as sonically spiffed up as I could get them (they originated as mp3s) -- cropped or faded where necessary, normalized, a little EQ if it called for it. Most of it sounds quite good! And a number of these tracks are just fantastic. That first Tom Sawyer is by a Brazilian acoustic guitarist and it must be heard. All of it is worthy, of course. The only track I seriously dislike is "The Spirit of Radio" -- it's done by some college a cappella group, and you've never heard anything whiter in your life. They screw up the lyrics a couple of times, too. However, it so unique that I really had no choice but to include it. That's why God created the Skip button. :)
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