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SONIC YOUTH plays weddings and birthday parties

Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Superstar (Carpenters) 
  Touch Me I'm Sick (Mudhoney) 
  Pyscho Mafia (Fall) 
  Within You Without You (The Beatles) 
  Personality Crisis (New York Dolls) 
  Hot Wire My Heart (Crime) 
  Electricity (Captain Beefheart) 
  Beat On The Brat (Ramones) 
  Moist Vagina (Nirvana) 
  Nic Fit (The Untouchables) 
  Computer Age (Neil Young) 
  Is It My Body (Alice Cooper) 
  Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence (Bob Dylan) 
  European Son (Velvet Underground) 
  Ca Plane Pour Moi (Plastic Bertand) 
  Victoria (The Fall who were actually covering The Kinks...think about that) 
  Into The Groove (Madonna) 
  Blonde Redhead (DNA) 
  I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges) 


a strange collection of sonic youth covers.


lo-fi jr.
Date: 5/4/2003
As a SY completist, I've tried this also. Always seems to be an elusive track or two that I'm searching for.
Date: 5/4/2003
also, don't forget their cover of the simpsons end theme song