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Artist Song
Guns N Roses  November Rain 
Dashboard Confessional  Screaming Infidelities 
Alkaline Trio  cringe 
dire straits  romeo and juliet 
dave matthews band  sleep to dream her 
bright eyes  haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh 
counting crows  perfect blue buildings 
radiohead  creep 
radiohead  no alarms 
violent femmes  confessions 
jewel  you were meant for me 
garbage  #1 crush 
bright eyes  the calendar hung itself 
cursive  after the movies 
weezer  butterfly 
nirvana  where did you sleep last night 


these are all good songs for after a breakup when all you feel like doing is laying in the dark and wallowing in your own misery


Date: 5/5/2003
that second radiohead song = "no surprises"

PS, if you like that song you should just buy OK Computer. your bowels will explode. in a good way.