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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
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you sound like violence.

Artist Song
the all girl summer fun band  theme song. 
the waitresses  I know what boys like. 
tullycraft  mental obsession. 
jawbreaker  sluttering. 
team dresch  remember who you are. 
kimya dawson  everything's alright. 
acid house kings  adorable. 
kyle fischer  should your way ever need finding back. 
doug martsch  heart (things never shared) 
neutral milk hotel  naomi. 
clem snide  don't be afraid of your anger. 
commander venus  do you feel at home? 
beulah  I'll be your lampshade. 
cat power  half of you. 
trembling blue stars  I no longer know anything. 
rilo kiley  don't deconstruct. 
dear nora  I'm turned inside out. 
the dears  cordorouy boy. 
le tigre  dude yr so crazy. 
modest mouse  karma payment plan. 
galaxie 500  cheese and onions. 
low  streetlight. 


and i feel like a fight. (she speaks with her fists; tells me she counts my teeth every night.)
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Date: 5/7/2003
AHAH i love the name & pic choice for this mix! + i just adore the track "corduroy boy" by the dears... nice job
Date: 5/8/2003
hm. i recognize all the periods and most of the lowercase, and the webcomics too.
Date: 5/8/2003
awwww I'm full of 'it.' I read catandgirl devotedly. so many good songs on here, so I'll talk bands. It's not often one sees a Neutral Milk Hotel song off "On Avery Island" on a mix, so this is great. nice choice.