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second mix for the girl (12/11/02)

Artist Song
a silver mt. zion  13 angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed 
bush  glycerine 
pj harvey  beautiful feeling 
coldplay  i bloom blaum 
poe  if you were here 
johnny cash  hurt [nine inch nails] 
harvey danger  wrecking ball 
weezer  always 
matthew good band  so long mrs. smith 
tool  eon blue apocalypse 
elbow  lucky with disease 
matchbox twenty  3 am (live) 
belle & sebastian  the fox in the snow 
david usher  black black heart 
thom yorke  after the gold rush (live) [neil young] 
cat power  bathysphere [smog] 
lisa loeb  kick start 
counting crows  anna begins (live; slow) 
radiohead  i will (live) 


for a winter afternoon spent in bed.
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yummmm. <3