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Highschool Wave Vol.1

Artist Song
Superchunk  Hyper enough 
Superdrag  Sucked out 
Folk Implosion  Natural One 
Catherine Wheel  Judy Staring at the sun 
Weezer  Jamie 
Spacehog  In the meantime 
Local H  Bound to the floor 
Sponge  Molly 
Pure  Lemonade 
Gandharvas  First day of spring 
Salt  Bluster 
Rusty  Wake me 
Our Lady Peace  Starseed 
Edywn Collins  Girl like you 
Deep blue something  Breakfast at Tiffany's 
James  Laid 
Better than Ezra  Good 
Toadies  Possum Kingdom 
Smoking Popes  Need you around 


1 in a series of 5 CDs serving as a historical document of the college radio, one-hit wonders, and otherwise important songs from my years in high school, 1993-1997. The soundtrack from the years when all we did was drive around and listen to music. Yes, I realize that many of these songs are awful.


Brings back a lot of memories...some of which are unwelcome. LOL!
Date: 5/9/2003
I'm a big fan of the high school reminiscence mix... it should be its own category. :p