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no title is deserving

Artist Song
songs: ohia  captain badass 
radiohead  i will 
spiritualized  ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space 
sigur ros  hjartad hamast 
arab strap  here we go 
hayden  to go wrong 
cat power  i found a reason 
britt daniel  anything you want (acoustic) 
sebadoh  think (let tomorrow bee) 
xiu xiu  fast car 
pj harvey + thom yorke  this mess we're in 
ryan adams  the fools we are as men 
bright eyes  it's cool we can still be friends 
the microphones  the moon 
christine fellows + john k samson  hypothetical 
death cab for cutie  technicolor girls 
the get up kids  i'll catch you 
the smiths  asleep 


a mix for my best friend. it's just sad bastard music, songs that make me cry openly. this mix is exhausting to listen to. she made me one for christmas so i just thought i'd return the favour out of the blue.


Date: 5/9/2003
i like this. a lot. the cat power song in particular ...
Date: 5/10/2003
i've cried to several of these songs. nice job.
nick isom
Date: 5/10/2003
man, jeff. this is really good. a lot of these songs make me want to cry too.